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Understanding How to Successfully Work With A Virtual Assistant: Economize your VA Hours

Working with a Virtual Assistant can be extremely rewarding, especially when both the business owner and VA are on the same page. As with any working relationship, it takes a little time to adjust to each others working styles to ensure that there is a good mesh between communication and productivity. By using the techniques offered in this series, the goal is to ensure that every minute invested in a VA is being put to good use.

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Featured Weekend Reading (06/14/2013)



Wooo hoo TGIF about sums this week up! It’s been a super busy week for all of us here at CVA but never fear the weekend is finally here! So what are you waiting for set that phone to voicemail, shut that laptop and let’s get this weekend started.

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More Options Available On Pinterest

Pinterest continues to grow and is quickly becoming one of the larger social networks around. To keep up with its growing member base and changing needs, the site is constantly being upgraded with new options for those who love to pin. Since the beginning of the year, the site has quietly been adding new features and options, giving their “pinners” more ways to find new interesting information about things they enjoy. Our Virtual Assistants enjoy Pinterest and have been employing some of these new features for their clients.

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Staying On Top Of Marketing Trends

Technology drives change in many areas of business, especially in marketing. The changes that have happened in the last decade in technology have driven some tried and true advertising mediums to the point of extinction. The newest trends in marketing almost all embrace the public’s love for technology and all that is digital, leaving behind the dusty remains of phone books and newspapers in their wake.

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