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Staying On Top Of Marketing Trends

Technology drives change in many areas of business, especially in marketing. The changes that have happened in the last decade in technology have driven some tried and true advertising mediums to the point of extinction. The newest trends in marketing almost all embrace the public’s love for technology and all that is digital, leaving behind the dusty remains of phone books and newspapers in their wake.

Going Mobile

In 2012, more smart phones were sold than PCs, which really is not all that surprising. These innovative hand-held devices can do everything from almost anywhere, making them the ideal target for marketing. However, many businesses have not made that leap to mobile marketing. According to Forbes, 90% of businesses have a mobile site yet only 20% have geared up into mobile marketing. This will be the new frontier in marketing and to compete, many businesses will need to explore this arena. Insuring that all online endeavors are mobile friendly should be one of the top items on business’ marketing to-do lists.

Social Network Marketing Is Changing

It is not enough anymore to just be on Facebook, Twitter and other large social media sites as part of an online presence. Many companies, especially small businesses, are looking for platforms that are uniquely suited for their business. There are trends moving toward smaller venues that may not have the largest amount of profiles like Facebook, but are a better fit for their business like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Video Advertising

A growing medium in marketing is video advertising online. The amount of viewers of online video advertisements has skyrocketed in just over a year. According to the FreeWheel video monetization report, only 2% of people watched an online video advertisement in the last 3 months of 2011. In 2012, this jumped to 12% and is expected to grow more with the increase of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These 15-30 minute advertisements are replacing TV advertisements as the new visual medium in marketing.

Staying on top of marketing trends is important for any businesses. All trends seem to point toward mobile as the wave of the future and in many ways, the present. If you have not moved toward including marketing endeavors to include mobile, discuss options with your Virtual Assistant to get the ball rolling.

 photo credit:  Irita Kirsbluma

Posted on June 3rd, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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