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Understanding How to Successfully Work With A Virtual Assistant: Economize your VA Hours

Working with a Virtual Assistant can be extremely rewarding, especially when both the business owner and VA are on the same page. As with any working relationship, it takes a little time to adjust to each others working styles to ensure that there is a good mesh between communication and productivity. By using the techniques offered in this series, the goal is to ensure that every minute invested in a VA is being put to good use.

Recap Of Tips To Successfully Work With A VA Series

The first four tips all strive to make the most of your interactions with your VA and to navigate and avoid common issues that can occur in a virtual environment. Here is a quick recap of those tips:

  • Be Respectful. All good business relationships require that both entities have a mutual respect for the other’s time and be considerate of their personal needs. Your relationship with your VA is no different; offer them the same courtesy that you want your own clients and them to give you.
  • Don’t Overreact. When mistakes happen or there is an urgent request, give your VA time to respond. Keep in mind that Virtual Assistants have several clients and even if they are currently busy, they will get back with you as soon as possible.
  • Plan Accordingly. In all work relationships, setting appropriate expectations and planning accordingly is the outline for success. Scheduling workload, communicating expectations and understanding limitations can ensure that all projects are completed on time and alleviate stress for both parties.
  • Suggestions. Your VA is a valuable tool and can offer many suggestions that may save you time and money. Taking the time to ask and listen to what they have to suggest can make the most of their time and your money.

Fifth Tip: Economize Your VA Hours

The last tip in successfully working with your VA series is to make the most of your VA hours. Although most Virtual Assistants are pleasant and great to talk to, keep in mind that every minute you spend on the phone with them is time taken away from what you are paying them to do. A better way to approach communicating your needs is to make a list of what needs done and emailing that list to your VA. They can always contact you if they have questions and this can eliminate a half an hour on the phone that could be better spent doing the work you need them to do.

The goal is for you to get the most out of your Virtual Assistant and to capitalize on their time they spend working on your projects. A productive and positive work relationship will benefit both you and your VA, making it a good investment of your money and their time.

photo credit: kojotomoto

Posted on June 18th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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