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Using Virtual Assistants to Cover Vacations and Leaves of Absence

Even the best staffed business can have a need for temporary employees when their trusted workers take time off of work. Although many companies may have used temp agencies in the past to cover vacations and leaves of absence in the past, another solution is to use a Virtual Assistant . It can be more cost efficient and have a lower risk than inviting a stranger into your business.

Benefits of Using A VA versus Temp Agency

It can be difficult to cover the workload of some employees when they need to take time off of work. Although vacations and LOA time is to be expected, it does not make it any easier to cover the workload when it happens. Temp agencies have long been the go-to companies when businesses need temporary assistance; however, there are now other solutions available. Using a virtual assistant can be a better alternative for many businesses. Some benefits include:

  • Cost. Instead of hiring a temp employee that will work and be paid similar hours to the person they are replacing, a VA can be used only as needed. Other duties can be distributed amongst other employees, using the only for certain tasks.
  • Quality. At CVA, our service is 100% guaranteed and we hire only the best qualified people to fill our Va positions. Temp agencies have limited access to employees of a higher caliber.
  • No contracts or minimums. While most temp agencies require a minimum amount of hours, CVA has pre-paid options with no contracts and no minimums.
  • No inner office issues. Having a stranger entering the work environment can be distracting to other employees as well as be a security risk. By using a VA, other employees are not affected and there is no risk to business security.

Whether it is a long vacation, maternity or extended sick leave, there are times when a business will need help to cover absent employees. Using a VA can be a viable solution that saves time and money as well as produces excellent results.

 photo credit: jeeheon

Posted on June 21st, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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