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What Virtual Assistant Plan Is Best For You?

Every business is unique as is their need for virtual assistants. While some of our clients want to hand over a project and just verify the end result, many others want a more hands on approach throughout the creation or implementation of a project. Whatever your style, we have plans to fit both your management style and pricing preferences.

Administrative Hourly Pricing Plans

For many of our clients, paying a set hourly rate works well for their needs, giving them the option to use their virtual assistants as needed within their budget. Depending on the ongoing need of our clients, we offer two different hourly plans for administrative VA, Gold and Platinum.

  • Gold. This is best used by clients that need occasionally assistance or want to “sample” using a VA for their administrative needs. The benefits to this plan is that there is no minimum commitment, no contracts and yet all the guarantees of satisfaction that come with all our administrative VA services. The cost per hour is a little higher than platinum and you may get a different assistant for each project, but it is a good option for many.
  • Platinum. For anyone that plans on using the VA service long term, Platinum is usually a better choice. The benefits include a dedicated assistant, guaranteed time, 24-hour turn around, lower hourly rate and many others. Platinum requires a 20 hour minimum per month and a 1-year contract but can be a good investment for those anticipating needing an assistant at least 5 hours a week.

Flat Rate Plans and Services

Many other CVA services offer flat rate plans or service rates that can save money over paying per hour. This means that a set project is done for a set rate, regardless of the time it takes to complete. This is a nice option to keep within budget limits for certain services. Some types of our flat rate plans or services are:

Telesummit Jumpstart Packages

Creating a Telesummit series takes time and expertise to plan, launch and execute. This series of teleseminars can be a great way to promote your business as experts in your field as well as increase revenue and sales. However, many businesses need assistance in preparing for the various technical, marketing and organizational aspects of these series.

CVA offers three different packages to help your business with your Telesummit, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Whether you just need technical assistance or want assistance from beginning to end, our team has a Telesummit Jumpstart package that will meet your needs.

By offering many different pricing and package options, we hope to provide each client a choice that will work within their budget and particular needs.

By offering many different pricing and package options, we hope to provide each client a choice that will work within their budget and particular needs.

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Posted on June 24th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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