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Add Technology to Your Business Card: 5 QR Code Ideas

Scanning advertising with QR code on mobile phoneThink of quick response (QR) codes as a business’ 24-hour PR/marketing agency, ready to respond instantly to customer inquiries, delivering your message, building your brand, and tracking consumer trends.

QR codes, those two-dimensional, black and white scan codes, are popping up everywhere. Business cards with QR codes are an effective tool for strengthening the consumer/merchant relationship.

Roughly 75 percent of all Millennials (adults under the age of 36) own smartphones, a recent Nielsen report says. Smartphone shoppers use their phones to compare products in the mall, on the car lot and when considering new homes. We’re living in a digital age where addresses are stored on phone memory chips, and email has replaced hand-written correspondence, but business cards are still relevant and necessary since they allow for “anywhere marketing.”

Business card graphics and colors, and special printing techniques, provide a tangible lasting impression, along with company information. Adding QR codes to business cards printing ups the relevancy by engaging the customer long after the face-to-face meeting is over. Here are five reasons to integrate this technology into your business cards.

Open Dialogue 24/7 with Potential Customers

Consumers shop for big-ticket items, such as cars, when they have time, not necessarily when a business is open. Customers want to control their shopping experience, do their research first, then open dialogue on their terms.

About 10 percent of QR scans are converted to a closed sale. Whenever a customer wants to gather information about a product or service, a QR code sends them to a landing page with more details, instantly, making them more likely to purchase from you, even when they aren’t directly interacting with you.


Feedback is a critical component for every business. Using codes that direct customers to experience surveys helps owners identify service issues promptly, as well as reward employees who got it right. Feedback also plays a role in inventory selection and new product development.


Code activity is trackable and measurable. Maximizing customer traffic is vital to growth and long-term success, and QR codes on business cards can be used as benchmarks to optimize other marketing efforts.

Promoting with Discounts, Coupons and Specials

Customers love discounts and freebies, and consumers who interact with reward-based ads are more likely to click on mobile ads than the average user, reports a 2013 study by Millward Brown and SessionM. The “Reciprocity, Rewards and Real Breakthrough” study reveals 68 percent of mobile users want to know they are going to receive a reward from engaging with mobile advertising, and 92 percent want some involvement in the reward they receive.

Based on the new research data, it’s likely using QR codes to engage customers with interactive discounts and rewards programs will drive repeat business.

Video and Audio

Traditional business cards are static— the information on the card remains the same. QR codes connect smartphone users to video and audio components. Whether the video is detailed driving directions, a short history of the company or a personal message about products and services, customers respond to multi-textural media.

QR codes on business cards have infinite possibilities. Building a client list, promoting cause marketing activities, providing job applications and delivering prices are just a handful of options. It’s time business cards do more than take up space in the wallet.

Have you interacted with a QR code on a business card? Tell us what made it effective in the comments.

Author’s Bio

Samuel Perry: Sam is a PR consultant who lives in Arlington, Va.

Posted on July 17th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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