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Customer Service For You

Customer Service For You


The Client Advocate Team at CVA is a wonderful asset available to our clients at no additional charge. We work with the entire CVA Team, Management and Virtual Assistants, to ensure our clients are receiving top notch service. With monthly check in’s, customer service inquiries and more, the CA Team is here to make our clients’ time with CVA the best it can be!

As a CA, I often reach out to inquire if there is anything new in the client’s business, or maybe to help evaluate a past event. We really want to hear from our clients so we can help grow their businesses. Having trouble getting focused or figuring out the next step? Well, this is where using the CA Team can help you achieve great results. We love to be a sounding board for ideas, and we can assist you in finding ways to move your business forward. We offer free strategy and brainstorming sessions, in order to help clients get the most from their time with CVA. So don’t think of it as time wasted, it’s time invested in your future.

Recently, I reached out to a client to “check in”. As a fairly new client, I wanted to ensure we were off to a good start.  There was a wonderful plan of action created, and I wanted to make sure things were going as expected. After scheduling a call, we met and discussed what the VA was performing for her now, and what she would like to have done in the future. She responded with, “When I signed on I had a huge list, now my mind’s just blank.” We discussed several options to help her business to grow, like increasing social media, revamping her website and putting more content in video or audio formats. By the end of our call, we had a plan of action for the next six months with all her priorities in order, and we were able to get started right away.

We certainly want to hear about any disappointments our clients have, so we can work to either correct them or improve the next time. But, we want to hear the good things too! It’s great to know when we get it just right. So, next time a member of the CA Team “checks in” with you, take a moment to reply. The results could be amazing!


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Posted on July 17th, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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