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How to Keep Clients Happy


Happy clients

As a VA, being the there for the client is top priority. It’s important to develop good rapport and working relationships with clients. This means the VA needs to be there for them and go the extra two miles, not just one. That’s how to make and keep clients happy!

Good communication is key to developing the relationship. The client should always be kept in the know. For example, I have a client who is launching a new product. My job is to help them attract more customers to their website through informative blog posts, and managing their social media marketing strategy. Three times a month I post a new article. My first step is to find an interesting subject in the target market. After selecting the appropriate subject, it is delegated to our team of writers who develop related content. When completed the article goes to the client for the first review. Once approved by the client, the article then gets uploaded to the client site. There, it’s formatted as a draft according to the specific blog post set up instructions. The client then approves the final draft. Open, continuous and steady communication with the client makes what could be a stressful, drawn-out process run smoothly and quickly.

Additionally, I keep my clients up-to-date about any ongoing work on their websites, social media, and anything else that I do for them. Clients need to know I’m staying on top of any issues, and that I’ll always be there for them, both online and offline. This gives them a feeling of confidence in me.

When new ideas and practices become available I will update the client about them, and suggest ways to implement those improvements. For example, I suggested my clients use social media platforms where they could view their progress (analytics) easily, making their work less time-consuming and allowing them to see how they’re doing.

It takes a certain level of commitment to finish tasks every day, and staying focused on client goals helps get assignments completed. Also, regular communications with the client, assures them that my part will get done. That’s how I make, and keep, my clients happy!


Posted on July 11th, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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