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Understanding How to Successfully Work With A Virtual Assistant: Ask For And Listen To Their Suggestions

One of the many things that a Virtual Assistant can offer is their expertise on what makes sense for a business. Although many business owners have specific tasks in mind that they want accomplished by their VA, there are often ways that a VA can help their business that they have not even thought of. These talented people have worked with all types of businesses and both seeking and listening to their suggestions can be beneficial.

Another Set Of Eyes

Virtual Assistants can benefit a business by offering a new perspective on how to increase business or just streamline existing processes. Technology and applications used in business are constantly changing and no business owner can be expected to keep up on all the newest innovations. However, since a VA works with many different clients, they often have first hand experience in using many of these new applications.

Although each business is different and has unique needs, a VA may see potential for using a technique or process that they are familiar with in your business. It may be a way to increase sales, reduce redundancy in processes or just maximize time. Some ideas that they might throw out could include ways to automate parts or your business or use list- building efforts, all of which may benefit the bottom line. Using this valuable knowledge can be a way to find new ways to expand your business’ growth potential.

Use This To Your Advantage

It is up to the VA you hire to not only do the tasks that you assign to them but also ensure that you are getting the most from their service. They have an invested interest in making sure that their time is spent enhancing your business. If they make a suggestion, they generally are related to ways that to improve your bottom line. They want to ensure that the client sees either an increase in revenue or a reduction in costs so that they can continue working with that client.

Just remember that a VA can be more than just someone to complete tasks; they have valuable experience that can be tapped in to on the latest and greatest in business processes. Using this knowledge is just one more way to get the most out of your VA and have a successful working relationship with them.

 photo credit: Brian Smithson (Old Geordie)

Posted on July 1st, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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