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Using Pinterest To Drive E-Commerce

If you keep up on what is happening online with social networking sites, you have no doubt heard about the unprecedented growth of Pinterest. It has been the fastest social network to reach 10 million users and grew 4000% in 2011 alone. Many businesses are taking advantage of this popular network and there have been amazing results for business that use Pinterest as part of their online marketing campaign.

Pinterest Study

The School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech did a study on the use of Pinterest and how it differs from other social media sites. The study found some interesting data and much of it points to a great way to promote e-commerce.

  • The use of the verbs “want, need, use, look” seem to drive the Pinterest, and all are easily tied to consumption and buying ques.
  • Woman use Pinterest more than men, making it a great way to connect with women consumers
  • Although this study did not focus on e-commerce, other marketing data shows that Pinterest users are more likely to click through to an e-commerce site and have a larger average sale, tying in with the study’s findings.

Adding Pinterest To Your Online Marketing Campaign

The major difference between Pinterest and other social media networks is its use of visual stimulus versus verbiage to connect people. It is this aspect that businesses need to focus on when using Pinterest to grab consumer’s attention. This means not only creating great boards on Pinterest, but also adding more photos and videos to your other sites such as your blog, website and social media sites to draw interest. Some aspects of creating an interactive Pinterest campaign to drive e-commerce include:

  • Add Pinterest share buttons on your other online sites
  • Research keywords used by your target audience and incorporate into you campaign
  • Track your results, so you can gain marketing direction from the data
  • Stay interactive with “pinners” by pinning, re-pinning, commenting and following
  • Use the management tools that are offered as well as the apps such as the mobile application.

Just like any social media campaign, Pinterest can be time consuming. This is a good use of your Virtual Assistant as they can help you not only set up your Pinterest account but can help you manage it for the most effective results for e-commerce. Since Pinterest is still fairly new, it is continuously changing and evolving with new ways to harness its power in the e-commerce world.  Having your own dedicated expert that is up to date on all the new trends can make a big difference in using this great social networking tool to create more revenue.

 photo credit: Jason A. Howie

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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