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10 Things That Virtual Assistants DON’T Do

Having a virtual assistant can be make your day easier. However, we do want to be honest and let you know that there are certain things that your VA just will not do like an assistant that works in your office. There are limitations to having someone do work for you who is not physically at your business day in and day out. So we created a list of ten things our talented virtual assistants will not do:    

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Featured Weekend Reading (08/23/2013)


TGIF! That pretty much sums it up! We are mid ways through another month and we have all been super busy. Now it’s time to relax, take a deep breath and get our weekend on. So what are you waiting for the weekend is here, let’s get it started CVA style.

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Dedication Makes the Difference

It's okay


A Dedicated Virtual Assistant means exactly that; solely dedicating ourselves to our clients, their business and their clientele. Instead of ‘feeling’ like an add-on, I feel as though I‘m an integral part of my client’s business.  I treat her business as if it’s my own and strive to exceed her expectations.

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Getting Your Business Set Up For E-Commerce

For many businesses, having an online presence has been about driving traffic to their website and ultimately through their doors. However, as more and more people shop online and prefer to even schedule needed services through websites, these same businesses may find that to stay competitive they need to have e-commerce available for this sector of their consumers. Setting up your business website to sell products and services online can create new opportunities and ensure that you are ready to compete on a larger scale.

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Does MBA = Make (Your) Business Advance?

MBA road sign

Inheriting the family business, whether it’s a group of franchised hotels or a hotdog cart, requires passion, ambition and dedication. You can be the next generation to take it up a notch and restore it to its former glory — by acquiring a shiny new MBA.

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Setting Up A Google+ Local Business Profile

One crucial step many businesses, especially smaller businesses, miss in building their online presence in setting up a Google+ local business profile. Even with all the other search engines out there, Google is still by far the largest and most used. Although Google+ was set up to be a social media outlet, whether or not you use that aspect of the service you should still set up your profile. It is fast and free and can enhance how local customers see your business when they bring you up on a Google search.

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