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10 Things That Virtual Assistants DON’T Do

Having a virtual assistant can be make your day easier. However, we do want to be honest and let you know that there are certain things that your VA just will not do like an assistant that works in your office. There are limitations to having someone do work for you who is not physically at your business day in and day out. So we created a list of ten things our talented virtual assistants will not do:    

  1. Get coffee for you. Sorry, but your VA will not be able to pick up your latte on their way to work or brew a pot of coffee once they get there.
  2. Pick up your dry cleaning. Although your VA may be able to see whether they can find a delivery service for you, they cannot physically go pick up your dry cleaning.
  3. Water the office plants. Once again, you can commission your VA to find a plant watering service for you, however, they can not take care of the task themselves.
  4. Tie up your phone lines on personal calls. Since your VA is not at your office, they cannot tie up your phone lines talking to their boyfriend, girlfriend or mother.
  5. Leave a mess in the break room. When you find the leftover lunch containers in the break room, you know it was not your VA.
  6. Use the copier for personal use. We can guarantee that your VA will not be making invitations for their next party using your copier, paper and toner.
  7. Take too many breaks on your time. You only pay for the time that your virtual assistant is working on your projects. Any breaks they take are on our dime.
  8. Create drama in the office. As much fun as a gossipy assistant can be, our virtual assistants do not have any interest in who is dating who in your office.
  9. Wear inappropriate clothes in your business. There is no need to go over dress code with your VA, nor will they ever embarrass you in front of your customers by how they are dressed.
  10. Ask for a bigger desk, a new computer, etc. Your VA will not be bugging you for a better workstation or new equipment to do their job.

Yes, there are certain things that a Virtual Assistant does not do. In fact for many of our clients, it is what they don’t do that makes them so valuable! However, if you want someone to get the job done without many of the annoying aspects of having an on-site employee, then a VA is a perfect solution.

 photo credit: troymckaskle

Posted on August 26th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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