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A Dedicated Virtual Assistant means exactly that; solely dedicating ourselves to our clients, their business and their clientele. Instead of ‘feeling’ like an add-on, I feel as though I‘m an integral part of my client’s business.  I treat her business as if it’s my own and strive to exceed her expectations.

Because communication is extremely important, customer relations is one of the most significant aspects of my position.  Not only is my client’s satisfaction paramount, but offering excellent customer relations to her clientele, and providing quick responses to their requests and needs are also important to my client’s success. 

When an email is received during business hours, I always try to respond to our clientele within the hour. Although it isn’t required and not expected by my client, I continue to check our email accounts and respond to any situations that may need immediate assistance on off hours.  I make myself available by phone to talk with my client and her clientele as needed.  Taking that extra little step provides quick and efficient service and results in happy customers, which in turn, helps to create a successful, progressive business.

Prioritizing tasks is also important when servicing a successful client.  I consider my first priority to be  my client’s customers, so communication with them comes first.  Then I prioritize and organize the remaining daily tasks accordingly.   

Task updates, too, are a significant part of the job. Updates allow the client to understand the process of getting the task done, and keeps her aware of the current status of all work in process.  At the end of each business day, I update my client on any completed tasks or situations that may have occurred during the day.

My client operates a business that occasionally requires her to travel.  While she is away I manage the business like it is my own to ensure that my client has an enjoyable trip, without having to worry about her business and clientele.  She has a wonderful in-house team consisting of an amazing web designer and a lead coach.  We all work together seamlessly and if any problems should arise during this time, we are always able to resolve them as a team.  These are the ways I demonstrate my reliability, professionalism and availability to my client.

Often, my client asks for my opinion or suggestions. I share new ideas and suggestions that help her benefit from better time management. In this way I help her to more easily manage her business, and give her more time to enjoy life as well.

Overall, my top priority is to provide professional and exceptional work performance for my client, as I am also a representative of her business. This is what dedication means to this VA.


Posted on August 21st, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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