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Coaching Businesses: What CVA And JigsawBox Can Do For You!

If you are a coaching or do coaching as a part of your business, you know the importance of being there when a potential client needs your service. However, you also have a business to run, other clients to service and hopefully a personal life as well. JigsawBox is a tool that was created for coaches by coaches, to ensure that you do not miss out on opportunities to gain new clients. It allows you to begin coaching in an online environment, increasing your businesses ability to make money and grow, 24-hours a day. In addition, CVA has partnered with JigsawBox to make it even easier to take advantage of this great tool!

JigsawBox Advantages

Online coaching can be a lucrative business, however, it can also be time-consuming. To be effective, coaches need to be able to make the most of every lead by responding quickly. JigsawBox is a coaching tool designed to ensure that your potential clients begin getting valuable information from you, any time of day, without you needing to be there live. The system gives you:

  • The ability to have text, video and audio available to give new clients  interactive advice and solutions
  • Private online areas to talk directly with your clients
  • Online access to coach in writing whenever you want
  • The ability to sign up new clients 24/7

All this is designed to make sure you make the most of every coaching opportunity while still having time for other projects and personal time.

How CVA Can Help

Every great tool still needs to be initially set-up and maintained and JigsawBox is no exception. For many, the technical aspect may seem a little overwhelming to get started. While some coaches may be brand new to offering a complete online system for their clients, others may just be using JigsawBox to enhance the system they already have in place. At CVA, we have packages designed to help you with incorporating JigsawBox into your coaching business, regardless of what level of help you may need.

  • Silver Package. For those just getting started with JigsawBox that need help in setting up their account and getting all the content needed for their online coaching site, our Silver package is for you. You will  work with one of our virtual assistants to get all the basics in place to start using JigsawBox.
  • Gold Package. For those already that want more than just the basics that the Silver package has to offer, we have a more advanced Gold package. This will give you a more customized approach for creating products, taking payments, scheduling marketing messages and other promotional aspects on top of everything that the Silver package offers.
  • Platinum Package. If you are ready to really accelerate your online coaching business, get everything in the Silver and Gold packages plus more in the Platinum package. This is the ultimate launch package, including more promotional features and even a full teleseminar set-up, recording and participation of the live call.

When you are ready to take your online coaching business to the next level or are just trying to get it started, let CVA and JigsawBox give you the tools to help in your success. Check out our JigsawBox packages, including pricing and features on our website and let us help you get started!

Posted on September 11th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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