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Using a Virtual Assistant for One-Time Events and Projects

It is not just the daily, weekly and monthly routine tasks that your virtual assistant can help you with. A great way to utilize your VA’s talents is to take on those one-time projects and events that can drain your time. Most business owners always have something on their agenda that takes time away from what they really need and want to focus on: growing their business. Although these one-time projects may be necessary, there is no need to get bogged down in the minutia of the details when your VA can handle it for you. Some examples of these types of events include:

  • Research. Need some research into a new marketing strategy or even a competition overview? Your VA can do this for you, giving you an overview that you can easily review to make decisions on how to proceed.
  • Profile set-up. There are so many different venues online that can increase your exposure and client base but many of them require you to first set up a profile. Give these one-time profile projects to your VA to handle quickly and effectively.
  • Surveys. Getting feedback from customers and consumers is often necessary to improve processes. Whether you need a survey created to send out or need someone to do actually conduct a survey over the phone, your VA can help.
  • Event planning. Throughout the year there can be many events that need to be planned and organized, from holiday parties to client visits. Use your virtual assistant’s talents to research catering options and other details for you as well as finalize and confirm before the event arrives.
  • Sales marketing. Coordinate all your special sales and marketing events by involving your VA in the process. Your virtual assistant can help make sure that all your online advertisng, social media pages and traditional marketing are all in-sync to make your next big sale or product launch a success.

There are so many ways that your virtual assistant can help make your days more productive by taking on not just the daily routine tasks but also handling these time-consuming one-time projects. Every business owners has some type of project or event routinely come up that can take precious time away from their primary focus. These one-time distractions can be a perfect opportunity to put your VA’s skills to the test and save yourself from being side-tracked from what you need to accomplish.

 photo credit: photosteve101

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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