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You Have The Data But Are You Using It?

Data is one of the key components to business success. What are your customers buying and how often? What are the metrics within the industry? Year-over-year or month-over-month, how is your business performing? These are all questions that data can answer. Most businesses have the data available, but many have been negligent on using it to their advantage. This is usually because for this data to be beneficial, it first must be foraged and put into accessible form, which takes time and sometimes skills that not everyone has.

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Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help Manage Social Networks


Everyone is on the social media bandwagon, except you. At least that what we’re sure you’re being told by those who have already found value in new channels to communicate with customers. It isn’t that you don’t understand the concept of social media (well, maybe that’s part of it). It’s more that you don’t have time to learn how to run the Twitter or do Facebook or whatever else people seem to be doing.

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What 2013 Projects Are Still On Your To-Do List?

We all have great aspirations at the beginning of the year of everything we want to accomplish, both personally and professionally. As we come into the end of the year, we can reflect back and realize that maybe not everything we wanted to happen came to fruition throughout the year. While it may be too late to lose that ten pounds before summer, it is not too late to get some of your professional projects crossed off the list before you begin making your list for 2014.

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Goal Setting with Your Virtual Team



Every company, and every business owner, has goals whether personal or professional. The ability to look forward to accomplishing something, or to look back and see a mission completed, brings a sense of meaning and achievement to you, your business, and your staff. Of course, planning and strategy are essential to meeting your goals. When working with CVA, you can get help in planning, setting and attaining your goals –– and grow your business at the same time!

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Using Landing Pages To Enhance A PPC Campaign

Creating unique landing pages that are tailored to your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can optimize the effectiveness of the campaigns, making the most of your marketing dollars. A landing page that speaks directly to the reason that the consumer clicked on your ad reduces bounce back and increases the chance of making a new customer versus just sending them to your home page. Consider these tips to creating landing pages that will take your PPC campaigns to a new level of success.

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4 Outsourcing Solutions for Small Businesses

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Your small business is taking off, and you can no longer take care of everything on you own. It’s time to delegate, but the mere concept sounds foreign to you. Hiring and employing employees is a balancing act — too many employees and not enough work can cost you money and be frustrating.

Ask an alternative, ask yourself if your business can effectively outsource. Can your business outsource work to increase productivity and output in the following ways?

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