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What 2013 Projects Are Still On Your To-Do List?

We all have great aspirations at the beginning of the year of everything we want to accomplish, both personally and professionally. As we come into the end of the year, we can reflect back and realize that maybe not everything we wanted to happen came to fruition throughout the year. While it may be too late to lose that ten pounds before summer, it is not too late to get some of your professional projects crossed off the list before you begin making your list for 2014.

Just because the projects were on your to-do-list does not necessarily mean that they need to be done by you. The important thing is that they get handled. This is a great way to utilize your Virtual Assistant. Delegate some of these projects out to your VA to make sure you go into 2014 with a clean slate. Some projects that might be still on your list:

  • Create a webinar. At the beginning of the year, you wanted to create a webinar series for your employees, clients or potential customers. No problem! Your VA can help you plan, create and even host your webinars.
  • Start a newsletter. You wanted to get a newsletter started that kept your customers informed of what is new with your company each month or quarter. There is still time to get the first one out for the holiday season with the help of your VA.
  • Organize. You planned on cleaning up your digital files, updating your contacts or creating a spreadsheet for all your data. Send off what you need done to your VA and cross it off your list.
  • Updating your blog, social media, etc. This year you were going to put new and interesting topics on your blog or social media sites every week. No time like the present to get started. Your VA can take over management of these for you and make sure your reaching out to your customers on a regular basis.

Your VA is there to help you with not only the day-to-day tasks but also for those special projects that often get shoved to the back burner when you get busy. By delegating these extra items out you can stop beating yourself up for not getting them done. The more your VA can take off your plate, the more time you can spend doing what needs to be done to make your business a success!

photo credit: Jayel Aheram

Posted on October 21st, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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