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4 Outsourcing Solutions for Small Businesses

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Your small business is taking off, and you can no longer take care of everything on you own. It’s time to delegate, but the mere concept sounds foreign to you. Hiring and employing employees is a balancing act — too many employees and not enough work can cost you money and be frustrating.

Ask an alternative, ask yourself if your business can effectively outsource. Can your business outsource work to increase productivity and output in the following ways?

Virtual Assistant

You may be inundated with small, menial tasks that eat up minute after minute. You constantly realize halfway through the day that you haven’t gotten any major tasks done because you’re stuck on endless phone calls to vendors. You’re completing paperwork that anyone could do, and you’re a slave to countless other tasks that are simple, mundane and time consuming.

If you lack the funds and duties to hire a full-time personal assistant, look into hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are contractors who telecommute from their homes to perform tasks for your business, such as scheduling appointments and making phone calls. Globial recommends virtual assistants because they free up your time. Spend more time on major business tasks that require your personal touch. Then let a qualified professional take care of the other responsibilities that support your successfully growing business.

Crowd Sourced Platforms

Crowd sourced platforms, such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, can help with menial work, including data entry, captacha checking or other large scale tasks. Crowd sourced platforms are like large pools of workers who can take on small tasks that cannot be automated. Instead of spending countless hours looking up Web search results or writing quick keywords, outsource it to a crowd platform or online freelancers using the cloud. The service uses a screening process for qualified workers, and you can restrict your projects to certain skill sets and locations if necessary.

Web Hosts

When you’re a smaller business, maintaining a server room, security and operations is a hassle. Instead of hosting your own Web servers, rely on a reputable and qualified Web host. By outsourcing part of your IT infrastructure, you’ll avoid major overhead costs and constant maintenance. The Web host also handles server mishaps so you don’t have to hire an outside expert or certified professional to do so.

Customer Service

Troubleshoot a customer’s problem can end up robbing hours from your day. To outsource your customer service, hire several contractors to work through a ticketing system or partner with a call center. A call center provides you with experienced contractors who handle your business through their call center location.

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Bobby Sledge: Bobby’s a Web developer who blogs about mobile technology from his home in northern California.
Posted on October 9th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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