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Every company, and every business owner, has goals whether personal or professional. The ability to look forward to accomplishing something, or to look back and see a mission completed, brings a sense of meaning and achievement to you, your business, and your staff. Of course, planning and strategy are essential to meeting your goals. When working with CVA, you can get help in planning, setting and attaining your goals –– and grow your business at the same time!

Goal setting is important to any business or organization. It can keep you on track with daily tasks, help gauge the effectiveness of marketing techniques, and even give you the will to keep going. Starting a small business, especially in a virtual environment, can be a challenge. There is a huge worldwide marketplace out there just waiting for what you have to offer, but the sheer scope of it can be daunting. Early goal setting provides a progressive plan to help you stay focused on short term tasks that lead to long term success.

Sharing your goals with your virtual assistant is equally important. Your VA will learn your business inside and out, and help you reach your goals with suggestions for marketing, growth, organization and administrative improvements, plus sales and promotions, too. By sharing your business goals with your VA, he or she can better understand what you need and help you achieve those goals. Your VA can even help strengthen your resolve when you feel like throwing in the towel.

When setting goals for your business, include your virtual assistant. Your VA wants to know where you’d like your business to go, what growth you’d like to see, and/or what products you’d like to develop by the end of the year. By sharing this knowledge, you hold yourself accountable for creating attainable goals and keep yourself motivated to work toward them. Your virtual assistant can help you with ideas, methods  and perspectives you may not have considered. Sharing your goals with your VA also makes them an integral part of your business. Your VA then shares your vision and becomes more invested in your success. Sharing your goal setting process with your VA can really take your business relationship to the next level!

And when you need help setting goals and don’t know where to turn, reach out to the CVA Client Advocate Team. We love to hear your ideas, and we love to share ours with you because we want to see your business grow. So take advantage of the service and connect with the Client Advocate team to help set goals for each quarter. We, in turn, will help you develop a relationship with your VA to make those goals a reality.

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Posted on October 16th, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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