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Using Landing Pages To Enhance A PPC Campaign

Creating unique landing pages that are tailored to your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can optimize the effectiveness of the campaigns, making the most of your marketing dollars. A landing page that speaks directly to the reason that the consumer clicked on your ad reduces bounce back and increases the chance of making a new customer versus just sending them to your home page. Consider these tips to creating landing pages that will take your PPC campaigns to a new level of success.

Be Specific

Although your business may have many products or services that it offers, for the purpose of the PPC campaign your landing page should be very specific to the topic. For example, if the link you are using for the campaign is for bird feeders, the page the customer lands on should be just bird feeders, not bird feed or other products you offer. The page should list what you offer and give them a way to buy the product right from that page. You can feature other related products in a side bar, but the main page should focus on the specific topic.

Targeted Sales Message

When you use a landing page designed for the PPC campaign, you can target the message within the page to enhance sales conversion. Sending a consumer onto an existing page that was not designed with that particular topic in mind is confusing and frustrating for the consumer. Instead of trying to find what they initially clicked on the ad for, they are more likely to just back out of the page and continue on their search. Use your marketing savvy Virtual Assistant to help you create a page that will flow with your PPC ad and increase your sales.

Keep It Simple

Landing pages should go right to the point, giving the consumer what they were looking for. On the  bird feeder landing page, it should be easy to find the hanging versus free-standing feeders. Or the page may give pointers on which feeders are best for which types of birds. Keep the format easy to read and simple to navigate. If your page is a lead generator, offering a giveaway for information (i.e. a free sample or e-book for email and contact information), the page should quickly promote and describe the giveaway and then give them the opportunity to sign up.

Many PPC campaigns have been unfruitful for businesses not because customers were not interested but because they were directed to a page that was not specific enough to the PPC ad. Online consumers are fickle and want immediate access to the information they are interested in. By creating dedicated landing pages, your next PPC campaign has a better chance of success, making the most of every click you pay for.

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Posted on October 15th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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Ryan Biddulph says:


Being specific and simple are 2 easy ways to boost those opt ins with squeeze pages. Love the message here. Minimize clutter. Stress the benefits of signing up. I just revamped my capture page a few minutes ago. Simple, clean and to the point…..and I also sold a dream too with it, which is cool.

Thanks for sharing,

Ryan Biddulph´s last blog post ..How to Force Readers to Sign Up for StuffMy Profile

Posted: October 15, 2013 @ 1:04 pm

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