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10 Things To Do Before The End Of The Year

As 2013 winds down, the clock is ticking on getting this year put to bed and getting ready for 2014. With less that two months left, it is a good time to do these end-of-year tasks and make a plan to make next year successful. Here are 10 things to get accomplished by year’s end, many which your Virtual Assistant can help you with.

  1. Organize receipts. Now is the time to get your receipts in order from 2013. A great service that can scan your receipts into IRS-accepted format and save them onto an online account that is accessible from anywhere is
  2. Clean your office. Take the time to de-clutter your desk and office. Throw away anything that is no longer needed and file or scan paperwork that needs to be kept. By cleaning now, you will know where everything is come tax time!
  3. Bookkeeping. Do not let 2013 some to an end with your bookkeeping not up to date. Take the time now to get it finished or have your VA do some data entry for you.
  4. Create white space in your email. Have hundreds or thousands of emails in your inbox? Now is the time to organize and clean out your email, or task your VA to get it done.
  5. 2014 budget. Look ahead to next year and plan your budget for your business. Budget for new software and technology that you want to buy for your business. Don’t forget to budget in your VA!
  6. Plan new launches. What new products or services do you want to launch next year? Plan one new project for each quarter to enhance your business.
  7. Go digital. If you have not already, digitize your paperwork and save it on a Cloud service or have your VA do it for you. This is a safer and easier way to save all the important documents you need to keep for your business.
  8. Schedule vacation time. Part of being successful is knowing when to take time off to relax and recuperate. Schedule your vacation time for 2014; you can even have your VA research vacation destinations and get them booked for you!
  9. 2013 tax deductions. There is still time to get in some last minute tax deductions. Use section 179 to make equipment purchases or make deductible charitable contributions to reduce your tax obligation.
  10. Re-evaluate your marketing plan. What new consumer groups do you want to target for 2014 in your marketing? Consider new ways to connect with consumers to grow your business. Talk to your VA about new ways to reach your target audience and what they can do to help.

photo credit: Martin Pettitt


Posted on November 25th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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