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Featured Weekend Reading 11/01/13


Halloween CandyWow can you believe that it’s already November? Christmas is just right around the corner. We have all been busy with month end and then trick or treating yesterday but now it’s time to get our relaxing on. So what are you waiting for? Shut those laptops, turn off those phones it will all be there Monday J

Whether you are hanging out at the house raiding the kids Halloween candy, or you are getting a jump on your holiday shopping, or whether you just plain on holding the couch down, we hope you will take time out to check out some of the great blog posts that we have chosen for your weekend reading pleasure. Here are just a few:

  • The 4 Levers Sales Can Pull to Grow Revenue- It’s not uncommon for sales to fluctuate in business, sometimes they are up and sometimes they are down. That really isn’t the problem as long as you know how to tell that your sales have slowed or dropped and you can tell why they have. Be sure to check out Keenan’s great blog to learn how you can tell and to create a strategy for the future.


  • What to Do if You Don’t Hear Back After an Interview-  We have all had the dreaded job interview, but you go in and ace the interview, or so you think. Only you don’t hear back from them. Did you even ask for a time frame as to when they would make their decision? Has it been long enough to contact them? Too long? There are lots of questions you are probably asking yourself. Well never fear help is here check out Alison’s blog for some great advice on what to do when you don’t hear back from an interview.


  • The Power of No- Recruitment Manager Training Tips- If you are like me, sometimes we have trouble saying no. We just keep piling on the jobs until we are overwhelmed and resentful even. But did you know that actually saying no sometime can actually make you feel empowered? If this sounds like you then you really need to read Nikki’s blog to learn why saying no isn’t unacceptable anymore.

 That’s all for this week. All of us here at CVA wish you a great and safe weekend. See you next week with more great posts. What’s the first candy you steal out of your kid’s bag or from the candy you give out? We would love to know! Leave us a comment in the comments section. See you next week and be sure to visit Contemporary VA’s Stumble Upon Blog for even more featured posts.

Posted on November 1st, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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