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Proofreading: Have You Read Your Website Content Lately?

Your website is often the first place customers find your business. The importance of the impression that this valuable tool creates can drive new business as well as deter it. Most companies spend plenty of money on both the creation and upkeep of their websites yet small inaccuracies can get missed and reflect poorly on your company. Most business owners might think their website is current and accurate but many would be wrong.

Proofreading and editing can be difficult, especially when it is your own content. You know what it should say, and often it is easy to miss small mistakes. However small or seemingly insignificant these errors are, they can make your company look unprofessional, an impression you certainly do not want to create when someone is just being introduced to your product or services.

Take Out That Fine Tooth Comb

If you took the time to read through a few of your competitors websites, you would undoubtedly find mistakes. From small spelling errors to incomprehensible sentences, there are content errors everywhere on the web. One way to differentiate your company is to take the time to find and correct these mistakes on your own site. Some details to look for when proofreading:

  • Incorrect word use. Spell and grammar check does not always alert you to the common words that are misused. There instead of their, than instead of then and farther versus further are just some of the common words that are misused.
  • Incoherent sentences. Often a sentence may begin with one thought in mind and end with another, making it confusing and incoherent. It may have been written that way or accidentally uploaded incorrectly.
  • Outdated information. Often there will be changes in your business that are not reflected on your website. Prices, addresses and even contact information may be outdated. This information may be in more than one place and while it was updated in one area, it was missed in another.
  • Promotional information. Make sure that your online promotions and coupons are all up-to date. Often you will find online coupons or promotions that are months and even years out-of-date on many websites.

Going through your website can be time consuming and ineffective if you are not the best word smith yourself. This is a great task to have your Virtual Assistant take on. They can correct mistakes and errors as well as give you suggestions for new images or content that may improve your website. Make the most of their talent and save yourself time that can be better spent elsewhere.

photo credit: irish-girl

Posted on November 4th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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