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Social Media And Customer Service With Your VA


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One of the many things our Virtual Assistant staff at CVA can master for your business is social media. There are more than 500 social media platforms out there to match a host of interests. Having a targeted social media plan in place will help you engage your customers, promote your brand, and keep your marketing current. Using your VA to implement that plan will allow you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Social Media

With a plan in place, your virtual assistant can begin marketing your brand – and you – on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. It’s essential to have more than one, but you should target only those platforms that are important to your industry. For instance, a photographer should use Pinterest for “pinning” and sharing great visuals.  Your VA can build a social media plan customized for your business. Then together you should work to blend it into your current marketing strategy.

Have your VA take responsibility for your Twitter and other social media accounts. The key to a good online marketing strategy is regularity, so let your VA keep you on track.  Regularly scheduled posts to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a good profile on LinkedIn will help you promote brand awareness. Reviewing tweets that have mentioned your company and responding with a thank you and a smile, will encourage others to promote you, too.

Additionally, implement a clipping service to gather tweets that are relevant to your industry. These can be emailed directly to your VA for review and action. Responding to and interacting with others interested in these messages raises awareness of you as an expert in your field.

There are several software options that allow your Virtual Assistant to plan posts and schedule tweets for an entire week at a time. This allows your VA time to be focused on other areas of your business the rest of the week, including Customer Service.

Customer Service

Using social media for customer service actions is growing in popularity. It’s much easier to post a message to a business’s Facebook page, Tweet with a hashtag or to a business, than it is to email with questions, suggestions or complaints. Promoting your business on social media will also allow you to utilize it for customer service inquiries.

However, these messages don’t always require your direct attention. Your VA can review and prioritize messages, sending only important issues up the ladder. Providing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system will let your VA interact with your customers, answer questions, and address concerns. Your customers get instant answers and engage in two-way communication on your social media profiles.

Plan and discuss social media with your Virtual Assistant. Having a  plan that  is comprehensive and flexible, will allow your VA to handle both marketing assistance and customer service. The best part is using social media to  promote your business and address service issues creates an open atmosphere that encourages customer engagement, and helps take your business to the next level!


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Posted on November 20th, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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