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Managing Your Cash Flow

One of the areas of opportunity for many small to medium businesses is managing their cash flow through accounts receivable. Staying on top of invoicing and past due accounts can increase cash flow and reduce revenue losses, however this can often be easier said then done. One way your Virtual Assistant can be utilized is to create greater efficiency in your invoicing and follow up on past due accounts to ensure that your cash flow remains fluid.

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Taking the Frustration and Panic Out of Email Overload


Have you ever found yourself experiencing information or email overload?  One dance studio owner found that the emails flying into her Inbox were coming faster than she could handle. The daily tasks of running two businesses, instructing students all day, every day, five days a week, plus planning for a major personal event were starting to take its toll. She was spreading herself way too thin and not responding to potential new clients, let alone her current ones. Sound familiar?

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Stop Procrastinating and Start Delegating!

We all have work tasks that we put off, things that we need to do for our job or business that are just not our cup of tea. It may be inputting data, updating social media or creating spreadsheets for a presentation, whatever is to you tedious or even frustrating. Although these may be projects you feel that you are responsible for, it does not necessarily mean you need to do them yourself. Make better use of your time by delegating these irritating tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

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Featured Weekend Reading 12/06/13



Wooo hooo it’s finally Friday! Can you believe that its only 22 days away from Christmas Eve, this year has been flying by and lots of great things are still to come here at CVA, but right now, it’s time to get our weekend on! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this weekend started.

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Managing Your Online Reputation and How a Virtual Assistant Can Help

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Your customers are talking about you and you need to know what they’re saying, as Mashable insists. These aren’t pioneer days when word traveled slowly by the Pony Express. In the Internet age, someone can post a complaint online and millions of people will see it in minutes. These opinions influence others. Therefore, managing your online reputation is a crucial task. It’s also time-consuming. Many businesses are hiring virtual assistants to handle it. Here are 3 reasons why you need to control your online reputation and how a Virtual Assistant can help you:

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Empowering Customer Service Representatives

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, has been known as an innovator in both technology and in customer service. In a recent interview that was published in Forbes magazine, author Carmine Gallo talked with Branson about some of the strategies that Virgin America had implemented make them so successful in the realm of customer service. Gallo shared his insights from his interview with Branson with the managing editor for, Holly Regan. Five of these key points are tactics that any company can take note from to achieve a higher level of customer experience.

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