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Stop Procrastinating and Start Delegating!

We all have work tasks that we put off, things that we need to do for our job or business that are just not our cup of tea. It may be inputting data, updating social media or creating spreadsheets for a presentation, whatever is to you tedious or even frustrating. Although these may be projects you feel that you are responsible for, it does not necessarily mean you need to do them yourself. Make better use of your time by delegating these irritating tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

These business pet peeves can become a thorn in our side. The longer we put them off, the more stress they cause us. Every day in the back of your mind these projects are still waiting for you, distracting you from what you should be focusing on: running your business! Many business leaders overload themselves with tasks that they think they should be doing, when they could be done faster and more effectively by someone else. Here are some ideas on projects to get off your procrastination list to delegate to your VA:

  • Data entry. Have weekly or monthly reports that need to be updated? Hand them over to your VA as an ongoing task for them to complete.
  • Social media. Are your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts in need of attention? Talk to your Virtual Assistant about taking over one or more of these accounts to free up your time for other projects.
  • Organizing. Are you wasting time trying to find documents and files or sifting through hundreds of emails? Let your VA organize and sort your emails, files and documents into a manageable system that saves you time.
  • Correspondence. Need to write emails, newsletters or blogs? Take advantage of our copy writing services to create professional content for your business.
  • Technology assistance. Are you not tech savvy or behind in learning the newest technology? Our VA’s are up-to-date on the newest software and technology driven platforms that can enhance your business.

There is no need to keep dreading a task that can be easily handed off to a VA. Reduce your stress level and spend your time doing what you love and enjoy, while your Virtual Assistant takes care of those projects that you find tedious. It is a better use of your time and a good investment into your business.

photo credit: Jellaluna


Posted on December 10th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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