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Taking the Frustration and Panic Out of Email Overload


Have you ever found yourself experiencing information or email overload?  One dance studio owner found that the emails flying into her Inbox were coming faster than she could handle. The daily tasks of running two businesses, instructing students all day, every day, five days a week, plus planning for a major personal event were starting to take its toll. She was spreading herself way too thin and not responding to potential new clients, let alone her current ones. Sound familiar?

The solution to her frustration was to hire Contemporary VA. We review the needs of the client and carefully choose a qualified virtual assistant to partner with them. Yes I said partner with them, as each of us must make sure the lines of communication are constantly open with our clients. VAs also meet continually with our management team to ensure that everything we do for our clients meets not only their standards, but ours. Doing this allows us to establish a clear and concise line of expectations and guidelines that help us meet client needs. Our CVA team attends weekly trainings, that allows us to brush up on skills we already possess, or to expand into new areas that can potentially be useful to our clients. 

My job was to relieve the pressure and frustration that were overwhelming the client, and allow her to relax and focus on her area of expertise. She was able to delegate administrative tasks to a competent virtual assistant, which helped to ease her mind. During our first meeting we determined how the email situation needed to be addressed, and I happily took on the task.

We created a standardized response to eliminate redundancy. Daily logins to her email, reviewing and filing them into appropriate folders made it easier for her to locate those she needed to review. Dance inquiry emails and scheduling changes were handled the same day in a friendly and professional manner. As VAs we are the clients’ representatives, and everything we do not only reflects on them, but us as well.

With the email overload finally under control, I was assigned additional tasks such as creating her monthly blogs and newsletters, taking her communications with her clientele to the next level. Her confidence in CVA’s abilities allowed her to focus on the other aspects of her businesses and got her back enjoying what she loves the most ­­–– DANCING!

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Posted on December 11th, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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