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Wrap Up Your Year End Planning With Your VA

Planning is the key to success for any business. At year’s end, strategies, events and ongoing marketing plans should be evaluated to ensure that they’re in line with what’s coming in the New Year. Proactive planning for the New Year will allow you and your VA to hit the ground running, once all the eggnog and holiday parties are done.

Schedule a planning meeting with your Virtual Assistant to review your current marketing materials and social media plan. Evaluate the plan to see if it meets your current needs, and where you need to be in the coming year. You may need to increase blog posts, Facebook posts and Tweets to better engage with your clients. Or, you may find that one social media platform hasn’t been effective and you may need a plan to brand out to another, like Pinterest, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon. So, create a plan outline for the next quarter and turn that over to your VA to be implemented in January.

Complete an event promotion plan with your Virtual Assistant during your planning meeting. Evaluate your event needs, review past plans, and decide on what events you’d like to do in the coming year. Then pencil them in on your calendar. It’s easy to miss an event, if it’s not even tentatively on the calendar.

Choose when to launch a new product, and hold yourself to the deadline for development. By choosing dates and sketching out the plan for a teleseminar, webinar, or creating another evergreen course, you make yourself accountable to see it through. Examine your monthly plans and make sure you have something to promote each month, with a partner, or by yourself. When the plan never reaches paper ––or a computer screen–– it’s easy to let it go.

Collaborate with your VA to create a list of possible joint venture partners, and then work to establish relationships. Seek out like-minded businesses, and engage their blog, website and social media. They will relish the engagement, and you can build a relationship that will one day benefit both you, and your new partner.

By laying the foundation at the end of the old year, you ensure success going into the New Year. Planning with your Virtual Assistant as a valued part of your team, allows them to contribute insights, and to execute duties with an eye toward greater success. Invite a Client Advocate to your planning meeting, too, for an added bonus. Every successful business begins with a plan, but every plan needs adjusting. So, put away the eggnog and let’s get planning!

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Posted on December 17th, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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