Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

Outsource Technological Projects To Your VA

Although technology can enhance and increase your business, not all business owners and managers are tech savvy or have the time to learn the newest technological features. Especially in medium to small businesses that are less likely to have internal technological support, it can be difficult to keep up with the tech changes needed to be competitive in your industry. One way to keep up with the times and use this technology to your advantage is to hire a virtual assistant that can handle these tech projects for your business.

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How A VA Can Help You Increase Business Growth

As a business owner you know your industry and are an expert in your product or service. However, running a company involves many intricacies that can take you away from using your expertise to grow and improve your business. While these tasks may be necessary, they may not be the best use of your time when you are focusing on increasing revenue and your customer base. A solution is to delegate some of these tasks to a virtual assistant, who is not only experienced and capable, but also may bring expertise that can help you increase business growth.

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14 Ways to Delegate for 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Since it’s a New Year, start out on a fresh note! Create a list of things you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for your business and personal life. Then read it and identify those important, but routine things, that take up a lot of your time. More than likely, most of these are tasks you can delegate.

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Make Updating Your Website a New Year’s Resolution

Website design and content is as important to many businesses now as store front locations and signage can be for brick and mortar locations. Your website is often the first way that customers experience your company and can either make or break that first impression. While your website may be functional, if it has not been updated recently it may be time to consider a facelift for your site. A new look, added features and updated content can increase website traffic and revenue, making it a great New Year’s resolution for 2014.

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Save On Training Costs With A Virtual Assistant

Training is a large expense for businesses, whether it is training new personnel or increasing skills within existing staff. Not only does it cost money for training hours, it can also pull staff away from their regular duties, putting strain on productivity. While training is a necessary part of business, there are times when outsourcing certain tasks and projects can be more cost efficient than doing internal training.

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