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Benefits of Using an Online Business Manager

There are times when you can become overwhelmed managing the different projects and people within your business. Whether it is a new product launch, pushing e-commerce on your website or managing staff, having an experienced business manager at your disposal can alleviate stress and make sure that all your projects are implemented smoothly. Contemporary VA offers Online Business Manager (OBM) services that can be your ace in the hole when you need an experienced business manager that you can count on.

CVA Online Business Manager Services

There is no reason to go it alone when it comes to managing your business. While hiring an internal manager can be expensive and time consuming, especially for a temporary project, we offer OBM services that can handle management of projects and staff virtually. This gives you access to knowledgeable business managers that are capable of executing many different types of projects, all right online and on an outsource basis. Some of the types of projects that our OBM’s handle include:

  • New product launches. Our OBM’s can help with new product or service launches, from managing the launch to the staff on launch team or both. They can be the center touch point for all aspects of the launch process.
  • Creation and execution of various business plans. Use an OBM to create your marketing, business or social media plan for your business.
  • Managing a virtual team. An OBM can manage a virtual team and ensure everyone is staying on track to meet your goals.
  • Managing website. Use your OBM to handle creation or management of your website, overseeing SEO, content, design and new features.
  • Managing business start up. If you are starting a new business, an OBM can lend you the expertise to ensure that all aspects of your start up get accomplished and on time.
  • Marketing management. Hand off your marketing to an OBM to allow you to focus on what you do best- growing your business!

Having a virtual business manager through CVA can offer you the partner you need to make your business a success. Whether you need an OBM temporarily for a special project or are looking for an ongoing partnership, we have experienced OBM’s that can be an asset to your business. To get a free quote and proposal on our OBM services, complete our online Project Detail Form.

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Posted on February 3rd, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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