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Free Up Your Time! 10 Tasks to Give Your VA

Most of our clients decided to hire a Virtual Assistant for specific tasks that they wanted to delegate. It may have been handling their social media or assisting with various data entry and other projects they did not have time to do on their own. Whatever the initial reason, many do not take the opportunity to explore other areas that their VA could help them in their business. We have put together a list of tasks that your VA can perform to give you more time to focus on your business.

  1. Schedule management. Use your VA to manage your calendar, schedule appointments, make travel arrangements and many other scheduling tasks.
  1. Organization. Get your emails, documents and files in order. Your VA can create an organized cloud service accounts that keeps all your documents safe, as well as makes them easy to find.
  1. Preparing documents. Need a PowerPoint presentation or a catchy flier? Let your VA create these documents instead of wasting your valuable time.
  1. Administrative tasks. Your VA can create and update spreadsheets, do data entry and any other administrative task an in-house assistant can do.
  1. Marketing. Your VA can be a valuable asset to help with SEO, advertising copy and social media marketing.
  1. Email marketing. Want to start up an email marketing campaign? Your VA can create generic sales emails, set up your email lists, schedule email campaigns, manage responses and follow emails.
  1. Editing. Editing your own work is difficult. Use your VA as a second pair of eyes and ears for document, video and audio editing.
  1. Content writer. Need content for your blog, website or newsletter? Your VA can create informative and interesting content for any area you need.
  1. Website management. Use your VA to update areas on your website including promotional information, your blog and new products.
  1. Customer service. Need someone to handle web chat and customer service emails/calls? Delegate customer service tasks to your VA.

There are literally hundreds of tasks your VA can handle for you that eat away at your time every day. Take the time to evaluate what items that your VA could take off your plate that do not need your personal expertise. Use that time to focus on the areas of your business that do need your personal attention and you could see a large return on your investment!

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Posted on February 24th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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