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“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” –Walt Disney

When a working with a client for the first time, he or she may not know how to explain what’s needed. As a Virtual Assistant it’s important to develop listening skills to understand and deliver what’s being requested. And then take it to the next level, by helping build a bigger, better dream.

When my client spoke about his hopes, dreams, and goals at our first meeting, he had a vague idea of what he wanted. But he wasn’t really sure which social media platform was the best for his purposes. We threw around a few options, and he agreed that every opportunity was a great idea.

My client wanted to be the most well-known car salesman in his area, so we dreamed big! We started off using many social media platforms for marketing and reaching new clients, trying to find the best fit. After some thought and experimentation, we decided to nurture and cultivate existing and past customers. We reminded them that the great service they’d received was still available, whether it was for them or for someone in their lives.

I created a social media plan with steps on what to do immediately, in one week, in two weeks, in one month, and where we should be after two months. There were regular reminders and a list for follow up. When my client needed encouragement to follow up with personal networking and marketing, I sent him reminder emails as his personal cheerleader. When he got off course, I would sent daily checklists to help keep him on track.

Along with Facebook, LinkedIn and a WordPress blog, we began a newsletter campaign through MailChimp. By adding MailChimp to the mix, we were guaranteed to personally reach the clients we might have missed on social media. Reaching his customers on a personal level was important to my client, so whatever we did we tried to make it personal and intimate.

My client was so excited that CVA was not only able to help him apply the ideas he had already, we were also able to add new ideas he hadn’t thought of, –– or even knew were possible. Now he’s well on his way to developing a referral system that will keep his name at the front of the pack for years to come. Even when the client is happy with their ideas, dreams can always evolve into more than what was once perceived as possible.

Going above and beyond the call of duty can help clients grow their dreams. That’s what being a Contemporary Virtual Assistant is all about. It’s not about just giving the bare minimum service to our clients, it’s about going beyond their expectations, creating a bigger dream –– and delivering it!

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Posted on February 11th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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