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How Your VA Can Help You With Email Management

Email in business is as essential as it is time consuming. Many business owners can find themselves spending hours a day reading, responding to and archiving their inbox, with many individuals receiving hundreds of emails a day. This can become a drain on your time, taking you away from other activities that are more productive for growing your business. It is time to get freedom from your email and let your Virtual Assistant help you with managing your inbox.

Finding Email Bliss

It can be difficult for many business owners and executives to give over control of their email, even when it will free up hours of their time. However, there are ways to find a compromise that you can feel comfortable with. Consider these tips.

  • Personal versus business. If you are concerned with having your VA read through emails of a personal nature, create a second, personal account that is separate from your business account.
  • Discuss a plan. You and your VA need to discuss how you want your email handled. This includes what can be deleted, where emails can be archived and what emails should be responded to and how.
  • Urgent issues. If emails are received of an urgent matter, that only you can handle, discuss with your VA the best way to alert you of these messages.
  • Respond to folder. Have a folder created for emails that require your response. Your VA can move emails that need your personal attention to a file that you can check periodically without needing to read everything that is coming into your inbox.
  • Delete, respond or file. To ensure that all emails are handled, once an email has been opened and read, it needs to be removed from the inbox. This means either responding to and deleting the message, deleting it altogether or moving the email to a folder for your review.

It can take a few weeks to get a process that works perfectly; however once you have a system that you feel comfortable with you can realize the bliss that comes from email freedom. Having your VA handle the majority of email management can free up hours of time every day. It can reduce your stress and give you the opportunity to focus on projects that need your personal attention and expertise much more than sorting through your email inbox every day.

photo credit: Rodrigo Hermann

Posted on February 17th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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