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Never Say Never! – The “Can Do” Attitude


One thing my clients always say is, “I have a vision of ‘xyz, but I do not have the time or the knowledge to make my vision a reality.”  That is where I come in.  My passion is to help take a client’s seemingly impossible “to-do” list and return to them a list full of checked off items, and a business that is running as they always dreamed.

How do I do this, you ask?  Well, for starters, I never say never!

Let me give you an example.  I have a client that was just dabbling in online ventures before coming to CVA.  His vision was to grow his customer base from a couple hundred to a couple thousand in a year.  This is not an easy feat for a company that is not yet established online.  However, he had loads of content and a vision.

This particular client is very knowledgeable about many processes, and always offered to help me complete a task or show me how to do something.  My response to him was always, “that is why you have me, so you don’t have to do this stuff, you can go out and focus on what you do best.”  This pushed me to always seek out the answers and solutions to anything he threw my way.  I wanted to prove to him no matter what he needed support with, he could rely on me as his VA, 110% from the first day of our working relationship.  Over two years later, we are still going strong and have a solid working relationship.

As a new VA, I was eager to show what I was made of.  He gave me a verbal outline of how he envisioned the process and told me to have at it.  He trusted me to take his ideas and turn them into a reality.  If I didn’t have a solution right away, that didn’t stop me from saying “I can absolutely get that done for you.” It just meant I needed to seek a solution, and not give up until I found one.

One of the many benefits of working at CVA is that each and every one of us has an entire team behind us, and our clients.  Ultimately, there should not be a need to say anything other than “Yes!” to our clients as long as the request is within the scope of the VA’s job.  However, even if it is outside of what a Contemporary VA does, I still do not tell my clients “no.”  Instead, I look for other services that CVA can provide such as copywriting, design services, or online business management, and I point them in the right direction.  Giving my clients a possible solution versus saying, “that can’t be done,” has always been my philosophy, and my clients express their appreciation for this all of the time.

I use this “can do”attitude as my standard for each client I have worked with ever since.  Taking the client’s expertise in what he does best and pairing it with the “never say never” approach has led this client to huge successes that have far exceeded his original goals!  Working together in a solid client/VA working relationship and keeping the mindset that anything is possible indeed makes visions into realities!

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Posted on March 3rd, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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