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Many of our clients live fast-paced lives, and their businesses are no different. So when they are hopping on a plane to fly across the world, they need to know that things are running smoothly back home. This is where I, the Virtual Assistant, come in.

I am the gatekeeper to my client’s schedule. I filter out the trivial, making sure only important items make their way to his calendar. Since time is of the essence with all of our clients, if there’s something I can answer/handle myself then I do, my client trusts me. But building trust with a client takes time, and knowing when to step in and handle the situation is key.  If it’s something that needs to be handled right away, I take care of that and schedule the calls that he needs to attend to. Since we live in the immediate access generation, I keep that in mind when organizing my client’s itinerary. I make sure that every direction, phone number, item, appointment, etc., is on my client’s calendar, so  he can concentrate on his business and not sweat the small stuff.

But my job doesn’t end there –– in fact it’s just begun. My client also publishes a newsletter for all of his readers. He writes the content and I set it up in his project management system, which includes the formatting, design and proofing.  His newsletters reach thousands of inboxes, and his professional expectations are always the number one priority.  The newsletter is his gateway to building his client base, and those readers expect it to be released on a certain day.  So part of my function is to ensure it meets the deadline, and sometimes I have to make sure he gets his part done on time!

With this client it’s critical that the website is up-to-date, which is another one of my job duties. The audience needs to see all of my client’s latest events, retreats and articles. His income relies on filling spots at retreats so a website that is not up-to-date is unacceptable. He also has a social media following, and I make sure sure he has an online presence on Twitter and Facebook. My client writes his own posts, and I proof and schedule them.

Many clients rely on a VA to handle their accounts payable/receivable, and this one is no different. I help ensure his business keeps running by paying the bills, and making sure that incoming client payments are processed. Additionally, I supply customer support during the payment process in case clients need a hand processing their orders, and general customer service to solve any issues they may experience. Customer contact is always delivered with patience and a smile.

All of these may sound like little things, but they are time-consuming actions that must be done to make a business run smoothly. Knowing these things are handled allows my client to spend his time speaking, hosting retreats, and coming up with new product ideas.

When the client knows their VA is vested in their business, it creates a solid relationship and allows the client’s business to grow and prosper. 

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Posted on April 10th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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