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Featured Weekend Reading 4/04/14



Can you believe that it’s already April and that we are now into spring full swing? It has been a super busy week as always here at CVA but now it’s time to relax and get our weekend on! So what are you waiting for let’s get this thing started. Turn off your phones, shut your laptops and bring on the weekend.

Whether you are spending the weekend at the ball park , out enjoying the beautiful spring like weather, or if you don’t even plan on getting out of your pajamas the entire weekend, we hope you will take time out to check out some of the great articles we chose for your weekend reading pleasure. Here are just a few:

  • The Gift of YOU-Do you really appreciate the gift of just being yourself? Do you ever stop and consider the contribution you make to the world and your family? Do you really have a sense of who you truly are? Check out Access Consciousness’s wonderful blog to learn why you should be shining.


  • Is Your Kind Heart Helping or Hindering Your Business?  Did you know that kindness is the most sought after trait when people look for a mate? Did you also know that it can be the most sought after trait in your business as well? More people will buy your products simply because you are kind to them. But be aware that there are several types of giving that can hinder your business as well. Be sure to check out Alisoun and Mackenzie’s blog to learn whether your giving personality is helping or hindering you.


  • If You Were Wonder Woman Just What Could You Achieve? –  If you were wonder woman what would you achieve? Would you conquer your never ending to do list and make sure your house was spotless? Would you find a cure for cancer? Have you ever really thought about who/what you would like to be? Do you find that you hold yourself back from your goals because of your lack of confidence? Well if this sounds like you, then you can’t miss IWIshICanIWill’s latest blog.


  • Getting a Clean Start Inside and Out with Detox-  Now more than ever its important to stay healthy, so many of us don’t eat the way we should, and with all the chemicals, we don’t get the nutrients we need to stay healthy and keep up with our fast paced lives. But you can detox to help. Detoxing can help you lose weight and feel great inside and out. Check out Jean’s blog to learn more.

That’s all for this week. All of us here at CVA wish you a great and safe weekend. See you next week with more great posts. What are your plans this weekend? We would love to know! Leave us a comment in the comments section. See you next week and be sure to visit Contemporary VA’s Stumble Upon Blog for even more featured posts.


Posted on April 4th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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