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Many of our clients live fast-paced lives, and their businesses are no different. So when they are hopping on a plane to fly across the world, they need to know that things are running smoothly back home. This is where I, the Virtual Assistant, come in.

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Why Internet Memes Make Great Marketing Tools

Even if you are not familiar with term “Internet meme”, you have undoubtedly been exposed to this social and Internet phenomenon. A cute picture of a baby with a funny tag attached or an endearing video of cute animals which spread through email, Facebook, YouTube and other Internet mediums are all examples of Internet memes. Many companies quickly have recognized the value of the meme for marketing; if they attach their name and brand to a meme which “goes viral,” they have just hit the marketing jackpot.

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Featured Weekend Reading 4/04/14



Can you believe that it’s already April and that we are now into spring full swing? It has been a super busy week as always here at CVA but now it’s time to relax and get our weekend on! So what are you waiting for let’s get this thing started. Turn off your phones, shut your laptops and bring on the weekend.

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Big Project, Short Deadline – The Virtual Assistant’s View.


Not too long ago, I had a client present me with one of the largest projects that had ever been sent my way. Fair enough, I’m up for a challenge. Let’s do it!

But wait, there’s more…..

Along with this big project came a very short window to complete the task. And by short, I mean two days––three maximum.

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The True Costs of a Disorganized Business

Calendar paper ball and dollar

Is there a messy desk in the accounting manager’s office where you work? Or a giant file room with boxes and papers stashed in every corner that scares the temporary help? What about unorganized bosses who can’t seem to get in sync with their teams and business goals? A disorganized company can cost your company customers, contracts, deals, vendors, opportunities, productivity and real money. Disorganization is the enemy of profit, and the ultimate cost of being disorganized in business is a permanent closed sign on the doors.

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