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3 Tips for Managing Churn Rates

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The entire customer lifecycle is in the hands of the SaaS company, and churn rate reduction is a business building block that needs to be cradled. Jason Lemkin of the SaaS blog told OpenView Labs that if SaaS companies are doing what they’re supposed to be doing—creating and selling products customers love—renewals will take care of themselves. If you want low churn rates and long-term, renewing customers, your customers need to love your brand, products and services. Increase customer retention and the security of your customer base by making your customers happy, connecting with them and providing them with solutions they didn’t know they needed.

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How to Blog Your Way to Online Success

Creating blog posts is one of the many services a virtual assistant can provide for you. Many clients receive excellent results in terms of engagement, name recognition, and ultimately –– sales, from well-written blogs. Writing is one of the things I have a passion for, so my clients really benefit from my help. Now, I’m going to share some techniques I use to get the best possible results for my client.

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Got The Hiring Blues? Your VA Can Help!

One of the few benefits of a tough economy is that it can be a buyer’s market when it comes to hiring quality employees. This is an opportunity to add talented, experienced employees to your staff that would not be available otherwise. However, taking the time to effectively scout for new talent and wade through the many applicants can be difficult for a small business owner. What you need is a temporary HR assistant, a role that your Virtual Assistant can easily fill.

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Measuring the Impact of Social Media

Measure, Analytics Social media has become a marketing cornerstone, and online businesses can’t survive without some social media efforts. So, what impact are you making on Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn? Although it’s challenging to determine your return on investment (ROI) with social media, it’s not impossible. Yet marketers often shortchange the value of being social, and miss opportunities to extend their business reach because they don’t know how to measure the impact of social media.

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Are You Ready To Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing?

Social media is not just a fad; it is here to stay, offering a higher level of customer engagement with companies than ever before. Marketing through social media has become a necessity for businesses, from small businesses to large corporations, giving all sizes of companies a level playing field with potential customers. However, for social media marketing to be effective, you need a well-rounded strategy to implement and maintain your efforts. Our Social Media Marketing Jumpstart Program may be just what you need to begin utilizing this growing medium.

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Website Branding Blues? Let Your VA Help You Find Your Style


Are you struggling with branding your business? Do you feel you don’t have a good handle on it? Well no worries, as a virtual assistant here at CVA, I can help with that!

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May 14th, 2014 by Melissa Forte, Virtual Assistant | No Comments »
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