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How to Blog Your Way to Online Success

Creating blog posts is one of the many services a virtual assistant can provide for you. Many clients receive excellent results in terms of engagement, name recognition, and ultimately –– sales, from well-written blogs. Writing is one of the things I have a passion for, so my clients really benefit from my help. Now, I’m going to share some techniques I use to get the best possible results for my client.

First, I do my research before I begin creating client content. I go to their website and look at the photos, taking note of the colors used most, the images, the tone, and try to really understand the client’s “voice.” 

Next, I browse the Internet for similar topics that compliment the clients beliefs, ideas and industry. Then I find and bookmark interesting articles, blogs, and websites to pull content from (while always crediting the original author). Even when I’m not working on my client’s social media posts, I often come across and bookmark items that make great client resources.

Of course I review the client’s content including blogs, events, promos, products, transcripts from calls (approved by the client), and keep a list of actual client quotes and phrases that would make catchy tweets or status updates. I also look for sites with statistics related to the industry to post as well. One client and I collaborated on a list of pre-approved outside sources that she felt represented her voice.

For images I search for eye-catching ones to pair with the quotes, because images often get more engagement than just words. I use the search features for colors that compliment the client’s brand. Often, I use my own resources to find quote graphics and images that are similar to my client’s philosophy.

When scheduling the posts, I try to mix up the types of media. I’ll alternate from quote graphics, to sharing an article posted from another coach, or maybe a video in addition to the client’s own copy. That’s to make sure they don’t appear to be always talking about themselves.

I’m always really excited for my clients, and I have a genuine interest in what they’re doing. When I create client content I try to think like them and ask, “Would my client say that?” I even try to recognize and use their little nuances, like the way they accentuate words, or their special signatures. The most important thing is to understand the client, know their preferences and vision, and then find content that supports them.

As a VA, I always strive to give the best I have to my clients. Particularly when it comes to social media, I’ll go the extra mile to get the best results.

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Posted on May 28th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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