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Got The Hiring Blues? Your VA Can Help!

One of the few benefits of a tough economy is that it can be a buyer’s market when it comes to hiring quality employees. This is an opportunity to add talented, experienced employees to your staff that would not be available otherwise. However, taking the time to effectively scout for new talent and wade through the many applicants can be difficult for a small business owner. What you need is a temporary HR assistant, a role that your Virtual Assistant can easily fill.

Ways Your VA Can Help With Hiring

Most people looking for employment are searching online to find opportunities. This gives you a chance as an employer to advertise your available positions to a larger audience and gain better applicants. Your VA can help with this process in several ways, from posting your job positions to screening applicants. Consider these tasks to delegate to your VA:

  • Create job listings. Have your VA write up a detailed job description and post to several online job sites. There are many free sites available as well as sites that are fee based. Having your ad on several sites will give you a larger selection to choose from.
  • Online applications. Have applicants apply online by asking for a resume and cover letter. Your VA can handle these online responses for you. You can even have your VA send out online applications for interested parties to fill out.
  • Screen applications. Use your VA’s talents to screen incoming applicants for basic criteria. This can narrow down the search and save you from needing to read through dozens of resumes.
  • Online or phone interviews. Your VA can do the initial screening interviews for you. Have your VA conduct phone interviews or, even better, conduct online web interviews that can be recorded and saved. You can then view the top applicants on your own schedule. Once you have the top applicants narrowed down, your VA can assist you in scheduling in-person interviews.

Very few small business owners have the luxury of a HR staff to help them with the hiring process. Your VA can be that staff, giving you the opportunity to refine your employment search to find higher quality employees that will be an asset to your business. Take advantage of this service the next time you are ready to begin looking for new employees to add to your business.

photo credit: groundswell

Posted on May 26th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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