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Keep Everyone on the Same Page with Google Drive

There is an easy and affordable ways to create, share and collaborate on documents from anywhere you have online access. Google Drive, an extension on the first program Google Docs, gives individuals and businesses a secure way to store and share projects through their online cloud service, integrating with Google’s G-mail, Google+ and Google Hangout. The best part is that access can be granted to employees and other project team members so that everyone, where ever they are, can work together on  projects, all in real time.

Benefits Of Using Google Drive For Business

One of the challenges of coordinating projects is keeping everyone on the team on the same page. While you can use email to communicate changes and updates, this can overload your inbox and be excessively time consuming. Google Drive offers a combination of workspace and storage, allowing you to create documents, share them with team members and make changes in real time.

Google Docs was formerly a separate program, giving users a place to create and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Once Google Drive was created, it encompassed Docs, adding other functions, as well. Some of the benefits of using both Drive and Docs for business include:

  • Real time access. Since everything done on Docs and Drive are stored in the Cloud, all documents are available to authorized users anywhere at any time. This means when you make changes or add new elements to a project, your other team members will see these changes in real time, from where ever they are working..
  • Affordable. Google Drive offers a free package for individual users and an affordable option for businesses. Packages start as low as $5 per month per user on business accounts.
  • Security. Documents stored on Google Drive have stringent security, protecting your data. Everything within your account is in your control and belongs to you.
  • Functionality. Google Drive and Docs accepts and exports almost any type of files, making it extremely functional and compatible with your desktop programs. In addition, with the diversified applications for most smart phones and devices, you can access your files from whatever devices you or your team are using.

One the many ways you can use Google Drive and Docs is to collaborate on projects with your Virtual Assistant. This gives him or her immediate access to projects you assign them, also allowing you to view what has been accomplished and make revisions as needed. This can save time, which in turn saves you money, a bonus for any program or application used for business!

photo credit: Carlos Luna

Posted on May 1st, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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