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Website Branding Blues? Let Your VA Help You Find Your Style


Are you struggling with branding your business? Do you feel you don’t have a good handle on it? Well no worries, as a virtual assistant here at CVA, I can help with that!

My client is a licensed marriage and family therapist who wanted to extend her professional reach into life coaching. She was new to the experience and she was also my very first client here at CVA.

We had an amazing first meeting in which we talked about her needs, her expectations and what she envisioned for her success. We both immediately agreed that her website needed an overhaul. She expressed that her current website didn’t do anything for her and she wanted something more bold, elegant and classy. She was aware that her webpage needed to represent her voice and her style, and really wanted me to help her achieve finding her brand identity.

The first thing I did was have her show me a few websites that she liked, and then tell me what she liked about them. Once I had a general feel for her style, I directed her to a WordPress theme designer I felt would fit her needs. She became really excited as she went through the different available themes because she could begin to see her vision take shape.

Once we decided on the WordPress theme that fit her tastes best, I had her list the elements she wanted to have on her website such as colors, social media icons, opt-in form, front page elements, images, testimonials, blog layout, and the different pages available in the menu. She armed me with all the information I needed to design the perfect website for her.

Even though my client played a huge role in the decision–making process for her website design, she did let go of the reins when it was time for me to put it all into action. I was given the creative freedom I needed to provide her with a beautifully designed website, which not only represented her own unique brand and style, but also gave her the voice she wanted the public to hear.

So if you’re having a branding dilemma, look to your virtual assistant for help. Remember we have a great team behind every VA, to offer ideas, assistance, and expertise to help your VA go above and beyond for you.

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Posted on May 14th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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