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The Business Relationship Secret

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Without a doubt, building great business relationships is the number one secret to growing a successful enterprise. And just as you leverage your own relationships, so too can your CVA virtual assistant leverage relationships from within the CVA team structure to give your business a networking boost!

My client was hosting a special event and invited respected professionals in the industry as featured speakers, however, few agreed to participate in the summit.  Fearing that her event might not be a success my client she began to panic, but I didn’t.  I realized this was an excellent opportunity to anticipate my clients’ needs and take advantage of the business relationships I’ve built at Contemporary VA. So, I suggested several experts whom I knew through working with my CVA team.  I personally interacted with each one and answered their questions; and filled up all the speaker positions for my client in just three days.

In order to have a scope of influence that large, I had to build business relationships with my fellow VAs, with their clients, with customers and vendors, and with my own clients’ business network from day one.  I did this by staying in touch, by being available and helpful to everyone, by being resourceful, by treating people in a friendly, professional way, and by creating opportunities to interact.  When there was an interaction, I was careful to always be approachable and easy-to-work with so that the relationship became like a business friendship.  Always, I kept in mind that my actions reflected on my client, and so these relationships were kept because of the way I treated people.  I applied the lessons I’d learned about how to keep a client happy, and I used those lessons to make others feel they were valuable to me and to my client.

Now I think almost any VA would network and maintain business relationships with their co-workers and clients, but I took the extra step and spoke up when it became obvious the event was in trouble. I made sure to recommend experts who fit the target audience, and reached out quickly to connect with them and fill those spots!  I sent the invitations, helped some with things they needed in order to participate, stayed organized, and knew how to answer their questions.  I was determined to make the summit  successful and effective, and dedication made all the difference!  Because I knew my client and her target audience well, I was able to take the initiative and assemble a group of wonderful guest speakers.

From this event, my client gained the reputation of someone who knows how to run a smooth, successful, well-attended, summit.  From the results, she could see that I was her partner and focused on her success.  In addition, her clients received valuable information and priceless knowledge from not only my client, but several experts. And last but not least, business relationships were built that can last a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Tobias Wolter – Own work

Posted on June 25th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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