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As a Client Advocate with CVA, it’s always great when we can really have an impact on a client and their business. Recently, I had the privilege of helping a long-time client make some hard business decisions that positively impacted her list, and her bottom line.

Marketing a business can be difficult, and when progress is slow it can discourage the business owner, making them lose faith in their vision. And while consistency is important to making a marketing plan successful, sometimes change can be good. When clients are struggling with what to do next or just need some guidance, the Client Advocate team is here to help.

My long-term client recently came to me, frustrated that her list had become stagnant with no growth in several months. She was working the same social media plan she had been for more than a year, offering the same opt-in gift and with no event promotion in ages. It was time to shake things up!

Working with her CVA Virtual Assistant, we planned a webinar and encouraged the client to step in front of the camera. It can be intimidating for someone to take that step if it’s been unsuccessful in the past. But with the right partners, surroundings, and encouragement she faced her fear and “got back on the horse.” With the webinar planned, we  now had a new event to promote. Her social media posts were then tailored for the event, raising awareness for her and her brand.

Next, our attention was turned to the website and the opt-in. That old, outdated opt-in offer just wasn’t gaining any new subscribers. So we chose an exciting and up-to-date offer that new subscribers just couldn’t refuse. The best part was her virtual assistant was there throughout the entire planning process, ready to offer suggestions and implement whatever we envisioned.

With this revised marketing strategy, the client was ready to put her past struggles with her business behind her. She needed someone to have confidence in her, just as she has confidence in her clients. I knew she could more be successful, and was happy to help her to step outside her comfort zone and conquer some new challenges. Working together with her virtual assistant and Client Advocate, the client was able to see the changes that needed to be made, and she had faith we would guide her in the right direction.

Fast forward a couple of months and the client’s list is seeing growth it’s never seen before, and she has confidence in her business again. Working with the CVA Client Advocate team, our client was able to get the guidance she needed from someone already familiar with her and her business. It’s working with clients in this way that makes being a Client Advocate at CVA the best job ever. Our client’s successes are our successes!

Posted on June 11th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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