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Content Is Key- Is Your Website Content Up To Par?

What does your website content say about your business? Is it professional, informational and intriguing to new visitors to your site or is it stuffed with keywords to promote SEO? Great website content is key, both to obtaining SEO and to converting visitors to customers. Visit a dozen websites for small to medium businesses and you will see a wide variety of levels of content, from extremely poor to very professional. Obviously you want your site to represent the higher end of the spectrum, so it may be time to update and improve your content.

Tips To Great Content

Your website should be the answer to questions your potential customers are asking. The whole purpose of search engine ranking is for your website to be found when someone is asking for the product or service you offer. That is where great content comes in. Not only can having fresh, original content improve your SEO, it helps ensure that once someone finds your site, they become paying customers.

Take an objective look at your website. Where could you improve the quality of content it contains. Consider these tips and objectives:

  • Headlines. On your landing pages, headlines and subheaders are what visitors will see first. If they are not strong enough, that will be all they see before they click the back button. Your headlines should invite and intrigue the reader to continue. Ask questions, promise answers and even shock your visitors into reading further.
  • Brevity. Ever start reading a webpage, then scroll to see how long it is before deciding whether to continue? Your customers do this too. Get to the point, fast! Consumers have a limited attention span and want the answers to their questions without a long winded sales pitch first. Use white space effectively, offering short bullet points to get your message across.
  • Information then action. Your website should give visitors the information they want, then lead them to action. Give them the facts they need to make a buying decision and then point them to where and how to get what they want. If they need to search for a way to go to the next step, you may lose them.

One of the many ways your Virtual Assistant can be of service to your business is giving you an honest, professional opinion on your website content. Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to catch what needs improving. Your VA has valuable experience on marketing and website content that can be used to make your site the best it can be. Take advantage of this knowledge! Not only can they give your pointers on what can be improved, they can help you create new content that will get results.

photo credit: Search Engine People Blog

Posted on June 10th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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