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Is Your Marketing Hashtag Friendly?

The hashtag has become the new icon for reaching targeted audiences across the web, used in almost every large company’s marketing campaigns. What Google did for searching the web, the hashtag is doing for social media marketing. Plain and simple, the hashtag allows businesses and individuals alike to transcend the barriers between all the social media platforms with one central message. This is perfect for businesses, tying all their traditional and social media marketing together. If you are not using hashtags effectively in your marketing, it’s time to re-think your marketing plan.

Harnessing The Power Of The Hashtag

Hashtags, formerly known as the familiar pound symbol, are the key to turning a successful marketing campaign into one of epidemic proportions. One of the most successful hashtag marketing campaigns was by Nike, when they launched their #MakeItCount in 2012 campaign. The fast food restaurant Wendy’s created a contest to win a $1,000 a day by tweeting a picture of one of their sandwiches. These campaigns were successful because they combined the power of the hashtag, social media and traditional advertising together.

Hashtags should be used for both branding your business and promoting your marketing campaigns. You should have a general hashtag for your business, then separate hashtags for each marketing campaign. The key is to use these hashtags not just in your social media marketing but in all your advertising, including print, radio and television.

The next elements of using hashtags effectively is using them to bolster your products, service and content online. Using trending topics or hashtags in your content updates can harness the popularity of that tag in real time. This is very effective when you use topics that relate to your business. Other ways to use hashtags are to label your images and content so that they are easy for consumers to find. An example would be a shoe store posting a picture of their newest shoe arrival labeled #sneaker or #hightop, making it pop up on sites like Pinterest.

If you are not using hashtags their full potential, talk to your Virtual Assistant about how you can bolster the use of this powerful tool. Your VA can alert you when relevant hashtags are trending relating to your business, plus help ensure that hashtags are created and used for all your marketing promotions. Using these tags in all aspects of business marketing can make a large impact on branding your business and increasing your customer base.

photo credit: romana klee

Posted on June 23rd, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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