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Enjoy Your Summer With The Help Of Your VA

Summer is a great time to enjoy time with friends and family; that is unless you are swamped running your business. Work does not stop for business owners just because the sun is shining, and the kids are out of school. However, you can make the most of your summer both at work and home by delegating some of your tasks to a Virtual Assistant. Let your VA take some of the load off so you can get some well deserved time enjoying the last months of summer.

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Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Started

Affiliate marketing can be an effective way to sell products as well as make extra money. The idea is to use affiliates to recommend or highlight products on their online sites, then give a monetary kickback for any items sold from their site. Whether you have something to sell that needs marketing or want to make some extra money marketing items on your website, affiliate marketing may be an avenue that is worth pursuing.

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3 Cloud Services to Get Your Startup Going


While it might not always be readily apparent to busy entrepreneurs, their startups have some great advantages over established businesses. Flexibility, a sense of urgency and a built-in sense of innovation can fuel your business, and make you stronger, faster and more responsive to trends and opportunities.

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Let A Problem Solver Help You

helpOne of the most common problems my clients face when they first come to CVA, is not having enough time to achieve all of their goals. That’s because so much time is spent on the “back-end” processes, not leaving enough time on the front end to make sales and actually run the business. That’s where I come in.  I make it my mission to run the back-end, day-to-day processes of the business as seamlessly as possible so my clients can “set it and forget it.” I’m a problem solver.

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Project Overload? Hire An Online Business Manager

As part of operating and managing a business, it is easy to become overloaded with projects that need your attention. From the initial start up of your business to various product launches, website overhauls and many other projects, it can become more work and time than one person can handle. What you need is another person to help you oversee some of these projects to fruition; that is where one of our experienced online business managers can be of assistance.

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5 Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty


In any business, small or large, it’s important to retain customer loyalty. Only by keeping your current customers, can you grow your business through sales. Otherwise you’re only trying to replace lost customers and at best, treading water. Positive sales numbers are the result of both increasing marketing efforts, and targeted customer loyalty and satisfaction strategies.

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