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Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Started

Affiliate marketing can be an effective way to sell products as well as make extra money. The idea is to use affiliates to recommend or highlight products on their online sites, then give a monetary kickback for any items sold from their site. Whether you have something to sell that needs marketing or want to make some extra money marketing items on your website, affiliate marketing may be an avenue that is worth pursuing.

Creating Affiliate Relationships

One of the biggest questions those new to affiliate marketing will ask is how they find affiliates partners. For most businesses, these relationships are with clients and fellow business owners. Affiliate marketing works best when it is extremely targeted to a specific audience. If your company is a travel website, an appropriate affiliate may be a company that offers tourist tours at various destinations. You could recommend their tours or they could recommend your travel site, with advertisements that link the two sites.

To find the right affiliates, start with your business contacts along with products or services you already recommend to your customers. Reach out to these other businesses to find out whether they are involved in affiliate marketing. There are also many affiliate networking sites, where you can find out which companies in your niche use affiliate marketing. If you are looking for high traffic sites to promote your product, it can take some time and effort to get their attention.

Use Your VA To Manage Your Affiliate Marketing

While using affiliate marketing can be effective and lucrative, it is also time consuming. This is a perfect project to give your Virtual Assistant. Have them research what sites in your niche have the most traffic and would be excellent affiliates. They can begin building a dialogue with these owners to open the door for a partnership. Your VA can also get your business set up on an affiliate program provider such as Clickbank or Linkshare, getting you ready to enter the affiliate arena. Finally, your VA can help you set up your launch, then managing your affiliate program.

There are many websites and blogs earning thousands of dollars each month promoting other companies products or services. Whether you want to promote products, be promoted or both, you need to begin by building a network of affiliates. Let your VA help you get this process start to get the most out of using affiliate marketing for your business.

photo credit: Swami Stream

Posted on July 29th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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