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5 Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty


In any business, small or large, it’s important to retain customer loyalty. Only by keeping your current customers, can you grow your business through sales. Otherwise you’re only trying to replace lost customers and at best, treading water. Positive sales numbers are the result of both increasing marketing efforts, and targeted customer loyalty and satisfaction strategies.

Top 5 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty 

#1    Speak Their Language

Dig deep into your customer’s needs to gain vital insights into their unique language. There are certain words that will inspire your customer and others that will simply turn them off. Leaders want to hear about strategy and productivity, while teachers want to discuss training, courses, and methods of learning. Business owners speak their own language and when you can match it, they will listen.

#2    Pro-Active Customer Service

Only hearing from the customer service department when a complaint has been filed is an easy turn off for clients. Be proactive. Follow up on orders, know the business, check in on events, and ask questions about the success of past projects. Stay on top of accounts to address any potential concerns before they arise, and stay current with client business planning.

#3    Give More,  Charge Less

Customers always respond to something free. We all do! Offer a loyalty program for product purchases that allows your customers to achieve a level of free products. In a service industry? Offer a discounted rate, or extra professional services free of charge to help retain customers, and keep your clients happy.

#4    Know your Clients

This goes along with speaking your client’s language. But it’s important to know your client, and know their business so you can fully understand and support their needs.

#5    Always give more than expected

Clients expect at least what they purchase or pay for. By offering exceptional customer service, bonus products and more, you’ll show them that they are valued. Valued clients are retained clients.

Marketing business sales

To increase your business growth potential, it’s important to market to your prospective customer as well as work with your existing clientele. Boost your marketing impact to boost your bottom line.

3 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Impact

#1    Examine Where You Begin

Where do your current clients come from? Did they join your list from an opt-in on Facebook, a link in a blog post, or a referral? Where are you currently most successful? This is the place to focus most of your attention.

#2    Motivate, not Manipulate!

No one wants to join a list to only find that it’s not what they signed up for. No one enjoys spam, so market truthfully to your prospects. Offer enticing opt-in gifts that can’t be refused, but that are also relevant to your business.

#3    Don’t just “Set it and Forget it”

Examine your offers, opt-ins, and marketing plan often. If the flow of prospects has dried up, change your offer, freshen up a page, or try a new social media outlet. Keep the content on your blog fresh and lively and it will continue to bring success. Setting your prospect funnel in place once, with little attention, doesn’t get results.

Customer loyalty and marketing go hand-in-hand for business success. Let CVA help you not only define your marketing plan, but implement the process that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

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Posted on July 16th, 2014 by Client Advocate Team

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