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Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead?

Is direct mail advertising still worth the investment? With so much emphasis on social media and other digital marketing strategies, many may believe that the tried and true direct mail of the last few decades has run its course. There is no doubt that direct mail is usually more expensive than digital marketing, with the cost of printing and postage. However, there still may be value in using the classic mailbox to bring in new customers.

Blended Marketing

The best approach for most companies, when it comes to marketing, is blending. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. While social media and other types of digital marketing are the future, it is a big pond for a little fish to swim in. The benefit of direct mail, radio and television advertising is that local companies can target local customers, even those who are not fans of the world wide web. Instead of choosing one over the other, using a combination of digital, direct mail and other forms of marketing is usually the best course of action for smaller companies.

Future Of Direct Mail

Direct mail is tangible and can have lasting power over digital mediums. It is certainly still effective for many companies, especially in certain regions and with certain age groups. However, as the volume of mail drops every year, and the amount of money spent on direct mail advertising. According to the USPS, after hitting a high of $103.5 billion in direct mail advertising in 2007, the amount has declined over $20 billion in 2013. Mail volumes as a whole have dropped over 50 billion pieces in the last 10 years, showing a marked change in how information is delivered.

What all these numbers tell us is that direct mail is not dead; however, it is declining. Eventually, there may be a time when direct mail goes away, along with the phone book yellow pages and many other of the old school advertising mediums. While there are still benefits to using direct mail as part of your marketing plan, blend it with your other advertising. Your Virtual Assistant can help you manage all your marketing to ensure that your print and direct mail ads include the proper hashtags and digital references while your social media and other digital marketing match your printed materials. Blending different mediums with the same message can be very effective, including using direct mail.

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Posted on July 7th, 2014 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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